Simulus improvising electroacoustic ensemble

The album 07 features new and old works utilising virtual reality gloves and Simulus' own brand of electroacoustic improvisation. Each track on the album is done in one take, and while there is some post production there is little or no post editing of parts and definitely no over-tracking.

Track Listing:

Here comes that crazy leopard


As for virtually all Simulus works, Channel is a recording of a live improvisation. The main aim of this piece was to generate predominantly continuous, non-rhythmic materials with an emphasis on inharmonic elements. Each performer is responsible for their own stream of sound, each manifesting a distinct and individual approach to sonic generation and articulation. The streams move in a slow counterpoint under the control of the performers through various input devices and mapping algorithms.

The effect is that of an agglutinated stream of conscious. Each component pulls, acquiesces, aligns and diverges; sometimes in response and at other times nescient to the whole.